The Platform


Iota Labs cloud platform is a scalable, secure, reliable and an intelligent API enabled cloud that enables data management across multiple hardware platforms. This high availability cloud platform enables API based control for authenticated users by creating virtual copies of the deployed devices, through state of art device management capabilities that can literally host millions of devices.
Our pre-integrated mobility, management & analytics framework work in complete harmony with our cloud platform which helps in reducing end to end IoT enablement timelines and accelerating time to market for manufacturers creating connected things.
Iota Labs cloud platform supports multiple protocols like MQTT, CoAP, TCP, Websockets etc.
Our IoT stack is compatible with other cloud platforms like AWS IoT, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure IoT and Google Cloud Platform.


Iota Labs Firmware is lightweight set of libraries that enables the communication between the Connected Product and Cloud. This firmware is compatible and can be ported on different hardware platforms from major manufacturers like Qualcomm, Broadcom, Texas Instruments, Atmel, STMicroelectronics, Renesas, Intel, Microchip and others.
Our firmware supports various connectivity options like Wifi / Wifi Mesh, LoRA, Bluetooth / Bluetooth Mesh, GSM, Ethernet and others.


Iota Labs analytics framework and control dashboard adds the ubiquitous intelligence to your connected devices. This framework provides ready to use cubes and reports for IoT Analytics. The Business rules engine enables the key success factor for IoT which includes Interoperability not just between the IoT devices but within the ecosystem of enterprise applications in a simple way.
The framework covers key elements like remote monitoring, diagnostics and the business rules engine to provide flexibility in terms of automated alerts and reduction in downtime for the connected devices utilizing predictive maintenance features enabling you to improve the Product design based on the real-time data collected around failures.

Mobile Apps & Control Dashboards

Iota Labs Mobile apps framework is used for rapid development of mobile applications on iOS and Android. The Mobile app framework libraries abstract and simplify connectivity to Cloud via APIs , eases the development of local device management capabilities, make use of generic templates for common use cases like Smart Appliances, Energy Management, Device management, Smart Metering and others.
This framework enables rapid design and development of intuitive applications to enable faster time to market.