Industry Solutions


Iota labs offers end to end solution that includes Connected Hardware, Cloud, Mobility and Analytics to Monitor, optimize and improve the performance of gas, water and power utilities. Our Open platform approach enables clients to introduce Connected Products in a rapid way. This approach offers agility, flexibility and plug and play capabilities across IoT - Hardware, Firmware, Cloud, Web services, Mobile Applications and Analytics which help us create best-of-breed solutions to give clients an edge through Innovation.


Ready to use Platform including Hardware controllers and Software (Cloud, APIs ,Mobile App and Analytics) for appliances - Air Conditioners ,Washing machines, HVAC, Geysers, Purifiers and Power components like Modular Switches, DIN and Power Strip. Some of the key features of this platform are:

  • Built in Remote Diagnostic capabilities to diagnose, track and notify critical issues to user and company's customer service centre.
  • Smart Mode feature automatically senses and do a seamless switch to a desired communication mode if Wi-Fi or internet goes down.
  • Smart Firmware Upgrade feature supports transparent and seamless firmware updates over the air for future enhancements.
  • Smart Analytics feature lets you keep a tab on the energy usage, its consumption trend as well as it gives you the ability to set monthly consumption limit and monitor the same.


Iota Labs Connected Street light solution offers customizable, state of an art hardware* and software platform designed for large scale deployments like Factories/Residential premises, townships and cities. The entire framework has been designed keeping in view the harsh outdoor conditions that street lights are exposed to. The connected street light platform uses sub gigahertz bandwidth in unlicensed frequency range and utilizes best of breed radio hardware which is designed for long range connectivity and is highly immune to frequency interferences.
Key Features:

  • Web / Mobile based console to centrally control / monitor street lights.
  • Dashboard to monitor health of devices and take required actions.
  • Option to create dynamic rules to switch On / Off or control the Light Intensity based on time of the day, weather conditions and so on.
  • Automatic error notification in case of critical issues.
  • Mobile based Service app for field service agents to optimize maintenance related activities.
  • Saves energy and brings efficiency in operational and maintenance activities.
  • Smart Digital Signage Display system can also be included as part of this solution.

*Modular and can be retrofitted.

Turnkey Projects

Iota Labs has deep strength in executing the turn key projects where strong System Integration capabilities are necessary because the entire solution consists of different products and services. Most of these projects are unique in the sense that a solution for one customer can’t be integrally replicated to other customers. Iota Labs works with the customer in defining their business processes, helps them in bringing clarity to their requirements and then work to implement and test the developed product based on the requirement. It possess the necessary expertise and resources to become a trusted partner and has ability to

  1. Put together the parts,
  2. Manage the interfaces
  3. Organize the architecture
  4. Invent the missing links.

Our key values for developing and implementing solutions:

  • Collaborative Working Environment – Projects built around motivated individuals who are given the support they need and trusted to get the job done. Teams work closely with each other to come up with creative solution.
  • Working prototypes over excessive documentation – At IOTA, teams work with the customer to create small working prototype which helps customer in envisioning their requirement. Once the prototype is approved the team's move on to build the product.
  • Respond to change rather than follow a plan – Although teams create a vision and plan for the projects, they plan only those tasks which don’t change with time. When the team learn things that alter their direction, even late in the development process, they are receptive towards them which puts them closer to the customer and make for better results.
  • Customer collaboration over rigid contracts – Time to market and cost are important, and specifications should evolve throughout the project, because customers seldom predict what they will actually want. At IOTA, rapid prototyping, frequent tests, and constant collaboration keep works focused on what the customers would ultimately value!