How we go about it


It's not always about making a light bulb. Small things lead to bigger things. Our team indulges in spending time in thinking and finding innovative solutions rather than picking up known solutions. This helps us in creating Innovative and varied solutions in all aspects of our work.

Work smart

The team believes in working smarter than brute force. Collaborating and making building blocks enable us to create bigger things with ease and speed.

Never stop learning

We never stop learning. Always on the look out for new technology and researching things happening in technology space. We encourage prototyping on cutting edge technology, so we are always ready for the future.
Core Team

Amit Singh

Getting things done. Those 3 words absolutely define Amit. Any challenge simple or complex he delivers with quite ease. Don't expect bloated promises, an honest opinion is all he provides. Amit can talk for hours on any topic with an unmatched vigor.
Amit graduated from IIT, Roorkee with a degree in Engineering and has 17 years of industry experience. He has been instrumental in delivering large scale transformational projects at Accenture, IGATE and Tata Steel. Amit is an IoT evangelist and strives to bring innovative solutions in Indian market.

Rajesh Patankar

The ideator. Rajesh has ideas for all seasons. A true technologist he will not stop until the right technology is found for a problem. Right from the dot on the UI to loop on the server has to be perfect.
Rajesh has a Masters degree in Computer Application from University of Hyderabad. He has been playing the technology game for 15 years at Acenture and Blue Star Infotech. He has worked with clients on various large scale projects in Telecomm, Banking, Utilities, Government domains. He has been shaping the products and platform at iota labs.

Shivesh Verma

The smile says it all. Shivesh has a charming personality and will quickly engage you in discussion which will have a lasting impression. With the strong technology and business consulting background, Shivesh brings absolute clarity on the customer’s purpose and vision, has been consistently delivering values to the customers. Add to that his positive attitude and strong connects in the industry, which brings all the required contacts to the table before you know it.
Shivesh has graduated from BIT, Mesra with a degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Before Iota Labs, he has spent 17 years working with various multi-national companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cognizant, Tata Steel working in various geographies. He brings vast experience in Utilities, Manufacturing, Mining, Finance and Retail Sector.

Santanu Rahaman

A true gadget geek, Santanu is not just enamoured by gadgets but their internal workings as well. You can always find him surrounded by electronics components and his big Mac. In his past time he works on robotics and artificial intelligence.
Santanu is a Computer Science Engineer from Karunya University and worked in multi-national companies like Accenture. He is a key member in architecting Iota Labs Platform.